anafranil online

Anafranil is an antidepressant remedy. The active Anafranil's substance is clomipramine, which has antidepressant, marked sedative and mild analgesic effect. There are reviews of Anafranile, which says about eliminating anxiety , depression, lethargy. Drug is effective against bulimia, both to patients with depression and to those who have no. Antidepressant drug's effect is appearing after one week of therapy.

Indications for use:
Anafranil is appointed in various neurotic depressive states, involutional, endogenous, reactive, organic nature, depressive syndrome that is developed on the background of schizophrenia, personality disorder. Anafranil is effective in depressive states provoked by prolonged pain, in cases of panic attacks fear, chronic pain of cancer patients, migraine, rheumatism, post-herpetic neuralgia, post-trauma, peripheral neuropathy, narcolepsy, catalepsy.

Dosage and administration :
Medication is taken perorally, after eating or during it. For the phobias, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder treatment is taken Anafranil inside 2-3 times a day in amount of 25mg (per tablet) or one having long-term effect tablet (75mg) once a day (preferably in the evening). During a week the daily Anafranil's dosage is increasing gradually to 100-150mg. Once the condition is improved, the patient passes on maintenance therapy of 50-100mg per day. Anafranil is prescribed for treatment of narcolepsy with a dose of 25-75mg, inside. To remove chronic pain Anafranil is taken inside in dosage of 10-150mg/day. Antidepressant's dosage in case of fear attacks is 10 mg/day. According to the instructions Anafranil is prescribed to children in doses of 10 mg and during 10 days it is increasing: for children of 5-7years - up to 20mg; for children of 8-14 years - to 20-50mg; to children older than 14 - up to 50 mg and above.